Traditional Visual Arts for Resourcefulness

Course organised by Levels Training Centre, Limassol, Cyprus.

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Course Description

In Cyprus art activity has played an important role in the educational system. Visual Arts give value to the richness of the curriculum, whilst enhancing students’ and teachers’ creativity skills leading to resourcefulness.


Resourcefulness as an ability to rapidly discover clever ways to overcome challenges has always been necessary in teachers’ and students’ daily lives and future. It leads to finding “outside of the box” answers, where there seem to be none. It brings new brilliant ideas and creative solutions to the daily lives of teachers and their students.

Simultaneously art related activities help reduce stress levels and empower other life skills such as mindfulness, self-esteem and empathy, thus leading to mental empowerment. They gently and effectively unlock the subconscious mind and allow the release of pain and the process of emotions. What better tool to face school and life challenges!

This course will bring together various forms of visual arts applied in the Cypriot educational system, while sometimes offering forms with a twist. Providing a hands-on approach for teachers and students, the course content, structure and methodology will assist participants to increase creativity, intuition and self-expression thus leading to stress-management, joy, inner peace and harmony.

Visual Arts skills are not needed. This course is for all levels: All are welcome and needed!

Learning objectives

  • Will discover mindfulness, self-esteem and empathy.
  • Will explore critical thinking and creative thinking among students.
  • Will meet the best teaching practices that help students understand the various forms of visual arts.
  • Will experience the special journey of creativity, intuition and self expression.
  • Will have outdoor educational opportunities.


Day 1Welcoming and Course Outline| Art related Ice breaking activities| Presentation of Level Up | Presentation of Participants’ Schools/Organisations | The Role of Visual Arts in Wellbeing | Visual Arts in the Cypriot Educational System
Day 2Learning by Doing through a Ceramics Workshop | Visit to the village of Omodos.
Day 3Engraving and Printing in Cyprus – Full day workshop
Day 4Educational visit to Limassol Archaeological Museum, inspirational guided tour and workshop
Day 5Art Therapy Practices: participatory painting, drawing, painting and interpretations, mandala drawing with a Cypriot twist. Review and Evaluation
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Traditional Visual Arts for Resourcefulness

Course organised by Levels Training Centre, Limassol, Cyprus.

Traditional Visual Arts for Resourcefulness