Level UP Creative Educational Labs is a results-oriented organisation consisting of a team of professionals who are committed to creating inspiring educational experiences that impact teachers, trainers and their communities. We specialize in creative unique educational projects and training sessions, focused on improving education across European and international organisations and institutions.


Our Story

In 2006 two creative young women met in Lisbon to attend an in service-training. During that intensive 5-day study, they got to know the culture of Portugal but more importantly they got to know each other. And while rediscovering themselves and their teaching skills, they also formed the beginnings of a friendship that grew.

Fifteen years later and after rounds of discussions over many glasses of wine, they created Level Up Creative Educational Labs; an organisation creating a variety of relevant interesting subjects based on basic pedagogical principles through which teachers and other professionals can improve the way in which they work and live.

Level Up Creative Educational Labs is committed to developing people personally and professionally while at the same time, sharing little moments of magic. For it is these small special and unforgettable moments that often shape who we are and defines the way we teach while inspiring us to grow. And as we personalise, create and inspire, we shoot for the stars, with original and alternative training, with helpings of joy and happiness as we all learn together. (Including us from you!)

Each course at Level Up Creative Educational Labs helps professionals explore their personal potential and discover novel practices to foster growth and development. At the end of each course or “journey” we aim for each and every participant to be inspired and to co-create little moments of magic with their own students and trainees, to improve education around the world as a whole.

Our Vision

To bring people and cultures together in a joyous setting, while sharing impactful, creative state-of-the-art education – teaching and learning – around the world.

Our Mission

To educate in meaningful ways that empowers educators, facilitators and trainers to inspire.

Our Values

We strongly believe in the power of creativity in teaching and learning through experiencing moments of magic in our everyday practices. Our work is based on the principals of:

Friendship, Empathy and Generosity
Diversity, Respect and Inclusiveness
Freedom, Human Rights and Democratic Values
Knowledge, Education, Progress and Prosperity

Our Objectives

Collaboration and teamwork:

To share our experiences supporting each other – In Level Up we learn together – Sharing is caring


To facilitate equality and equal opportunities in teaching and learning


To motivate people towards social, environmental and cultural change


To appreciate scientific knowledge and results

Creativity and Innovation:

To cultivate a mindset to always strive for better


Dimitris Michailidis

“The Dream” That’s the name of the folder on my laptop’s desktop with every note, file and image regarding LevelUp and Levels Private Institute. It has always been my dream to create a space for education for all ages. A place where learning is fun and inspiring. A degree in Mathematics as well as a Master’s degree in Operational Research were the kick-off to my career in Education, as well as in entrepreneurship. Cyprus, Greece and Scotland is where I was given the tools to think, create and capitalise on my love for Mathematics and Education in general. LevelUp is a dream come true for all of us. Not just a name but a positive mentality combined with forward ideas. A life’s goal if I may say. It is in many aspects an upgrade and an actual level-up to the “game” we have been playing for many years, acquiring skills, mindset and experience.We welcome you to this journey of learning, travelling, sharing and certainly having fun.

Antigoni Komodiki

If you believe that education can change the world, then you are my friend  Having worked for 17 years as a primary teacher, I would definitely advocate for the advancement of education up high in the policy agendas, as well as for the investment of the states towards that direction. Having an extensive portfolio of trainings, seminars and workshops, in my home country Cyprus and around the world, I emphasize on the value of teaching and learning for the creation of young individuals who will be able to change the world and make it a better place for every human being (…and animal) who lives here. Aside from my degree in Pedagogy, I hold an MA in Educational Leadership and a PGCE in Gifted Education. Currently, I am a PhD Candidate studying Environmental Entrepreneurship Education at the Cyprus University of Technology. My research interests include environmental entrepreneurial programmes and how those influence the development of the Environmental Science Agency. I truly believe in the boundless potential of young people and I always try to offer equal opportunities, especially to the underserved groups. Since 2018, I serve as the Chief Executive Officer at Junior Achievement Cyprus (Member of JA Worldwide). My duties involve the overall development of the Organisation and supervision of activities. I work hard (…and with all my heart) for the development of the entrepreneurial mindset and culture in the young people of Cyprus, and not only. Founding LevelUp Creative Educational Labs, together with a team of people that we share the same vision and the same values, has been one of my lifetime goals. I am convinced that LevelUp will take teachers and participants many levels up 🙂 as well as enhance learning and teaching around Europe.

Avgoustinos Zenonos

“By failing to plan, you are planning to fail” as said by Benjamin Franklin’s and I truly support this quote throughout my life. This is where I come to match this unique team sharing the same vision since I was in operations and planning most of my business career.As a graduate in Business Administration for my bachelor’s degree and completing my Master’s degree also in Business Administration gave me the opportunity to work in Operations and Planning within the International and multicultural arena.Currently working in Operations and Commercial Department of one of the biggest Ship Management Company acting on behalf of well-known Ship Owners in the Industry. I have gained the knowledge and expertise of handling effectively the operations activities of a fleet of managed ships maintaining at the same time a healthy environment between Ship Owners and customers contributing to a long lasting and fruitful relationship with all parties involved.Prior to the above, as an Operations and Logistics Manager for almost 9 years at a trading company, I have been involved and practiced in all aspects of International Trade of Steel Commodities including Commercial and Sales activities as well as Logistics and operational activities.Coming to this new trip I am excited and looking forward to share my expertise and knowledge to offer a unique experience to the participants leveling up their teaching mentality and skills.

David Bastin

With an undergrad from Carleton University in Psychology and Science and a designation as a Canadian Investment Manager, I worked mainly in international investments. After moving to Europe options changed and I moved on to teaching and completed the Commonwealth Education Trust in Foundations for Teaching and taught at various schools while volunteering at Aristotle University and taking part in various Erasmus courses across Europe. An opportunity to start a real estate and rental company in Cyprus led to 10 years of entrepreneurial experiences and I’m now excited to share in this new and exciting endeavour with Level Up!

Ioanna Zioga

Volunteer coordinator
Ph.D. in Latin Literature, M.A. in Classical Greek and Latin Literature and Graduate of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki. Based on these studies, I have been a teacher in the secondary public education, teaching for the last 20 years subjects as classical languages, history, poetry. I was always inter-ested in new ways of approaching classical studies, this is why I have at-tended many workshops and educational training courses on teaching methodology, digital classrooms, flipped classroom etc. Erasmus seminars were and remain an adventure that started for me on March 2006 in Lisbon. Since then I have been involved as a participant, co-ordinator and facilita-tor in several courses and seminars (Comenius, Pestalozzi, Grundtvig). Level Up is my dream coming true. I have the blessing of working with people that share the same values and dreams with me and through this or-ganisation we have the opportunity to travel with all of you towards truth and knowledge as well as towards a better future for all of us.
This is not just another course. It is a life-time experience




This is not just another course. It is a life-time experience